Fast Easy Video Riches Offline Business Videos

You are getting READY DONE FOR YOU Videos here.

Some of these Videos when properly submitted to Youtube can even get your clients Business info in Google 1st page for some of their keywords .

What you are seeing below are three of the actual videos included in this package(You will get videos without any branding or watermark).

To convey the message fast and in simple terms the videos are of short duration less than a minute long. Have Voiceover to convey messages in audio too.When you add Business info(contact details) and text about Local business/services video length may increase ( You can get all customisation done by others for very low cost. I will give links of those who can do video editing/customisation for $5 )

Dear Friend,

Get Ultimate Lead Generating Videos which can give your clients huge branding advantage. Your clients see the quality of your offer ahead of time. 5 VIDEOS at $19 a month

Fast Easy Video Riches Offline Business Videos

Ultimate Offline Business Videos at just $19 a month

You are getting here Videos promoting specific business niche.

For each Business niche mentioned below you are getting

Business owners love videos if only you can show them a Video done for their Business.


Today you are Getting only 5 Videos then you will get 5 videos every month for next 5 months. 5 Videos on every month 15th for next 5 months. Today you will get Videos for the below Business.

There are more additional Surprise Secret Bonus videos
included too.

I will even give you details on how you can get these Videos customised for your client's Business in less than 24 hours. You can get the Video editing done by someone else while you focus on communicating with Business owners and collecting payment .

You may sell these Videos to Business from $197 to $497 or even $997 or more.

You keep 100% profit. All you pay for 5 Videos with voiceover is just a small fee of $19 monthly you can cancel any time .

I could have charged $97 every month since you can NOT get 5 Videos with Voiceover at $97 anywhere else.

( I may shut down this limited offer soon and switch to $97 PRICE INCREASE.)

Only for a very limited time buy 5 Videos for $19 a month ( 6 month x 5 videos a month total 30 Videos ).

Reminding again today you will get access to 5 Videos ONLY.

If you just consider what you are getting today, 5 Videos each for a different business. Each video you get for less than $2 price ( $10 total cost divide by 5 videos).

You can not get these professional quality videos for $2 anywhere.

Heck it takes a lot of time, effort to produce just 1 video.You may spend days if not weeks to get 5 videos done for each Business mentioned above if you try doing it yourself.

Even if you sell each video for $97 you still are getting a huge Return on Your investment.

Why do you need to buy this Videos Limited Time Offer :

I can keep on writing all the advantages of Videos or you can just search for "videos infographic" in google to see images and details on how effective Videos are in helping Local Business owners.

Videos are not just for Business owners but for anyone who wants to promote or advertise anything on Internet.

LICENSE TERMS for use of these videos:

You CAN NOT sell these Videos as a WSO or any Forum offers.

You CAN NOT sell these on websites like fiverr,SEOclerks,Gigbucks,Fourerr or similar sites.

(Strictly you are not allowed to sell on these sites. It will be worth to sell to a Local business owner than selling on these sites)

You can NOT include these Videos in your Membership sites

You can NOT sell these videos on your websites directly

You can NOT give away these Videos free on your website

You are NOT given MRR- Mater Resell Rights for these Videos

You can sell these to Local Business or give them for free.

You can use these Videos on your website to showcase your portfolio but don't give links to buy directly in the website.

You can use these Videos on your website if you are a business owner

You can use these Videos for promoting your video marketing business

Please email us if you need any clarity about the license terms

For any support E-mail

Fast Easy Video Riches Offline Business Videos

Copyright of the product,Videos,Script,Voiceover is all owned by Raja Patel who owns You are given permission to use these as mentioned in this page. For support its preferred that you email but here is the phone number (857)-225-8229 you can leave a voice mail and we will get back to you

15 day guarantee is from the date you purchase your first initial purchase.

After 15 days from the date of purchase refund requests will not be processed.


Fast Easy Video Riches Offline Business Videos